Online Workshops

The SPA Team has recently begun offering Online PD to schools. This allows for more flexibility and is a more time and cost efficient option for many schools. We use software called "Google Meet", which, at no cost to your school, enables a video link up with all involved parties. We are also able to share (live) computer screens. We can accommodate up to 25 participants, each with their own computers.

The SPA staff are offering 2 hour online sessions with each of our PD consultants. The session times are:

  • 9.00am – 11.00am
  • 12.00pm – 2pm
  • 3:30pm – 5:30pm

*There is some degree of flexibility in session times.

If any of the following Online PD’s interest you, feel free to email

Training Options

Technical Support Services (Online)

You can book Emma MacNamara to provide online teachnical training. Emma will walk you through how to use your SPA account and how to manage the data, users, students and classes in your account.

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Technical Support and basic Data Interpretation (Online)

You can book Emma MacNamara to provide online training combining both SPA data support and some data interpretation. Emma will walk you through the types of assessment SPA analyses and answer any of your questions regarding how to extract and upload your data into SPA. Emma will support your staff to understand the analysis of your school data within SPA and how this analysis affects both your teaching and learning program and reporting. Emma will train your staff in questions they should be asking themselves about your school data. She will discuss how using data can help plan for differentiated learning in the classroom and how SPA can help inform Teacher Judgement data.

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Advanced Data Interpretation Service (Online)

You can book Philip Holmes-Smith (SREAMS company director & creator of SPA) to provide a comprehensive “Interpreting Student Performance Data” professional learning program. The 2 hour online workshop will be tailored to meet your school’s needs.

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