About the SPAstandard module

The SPAstandard module is a tool for schools that analyses, displays, stores & communicates your students' summative assessment data. We don’t just colour your data, we colour-code your data to reflect the year level at which each student is working allowing you to see the spread of abilities of the students in your school. We don’t just give you an average, we compare your scores against the state and/or national benchmarks to give you an understanding of where your students sit compared to other students in Australia.

SPAstandard produces reports that allow you to interpret and monitor the growth of individual students, groups of students and whole school cohorts quickly and easily. What’s more, we compare your growth to state and/or national average growth.

By simply uploading your school’s data, SPAstandard instantly analyses and displays your results allowing your staff to easily identify current student performance, long term school trends and how much "value added learning" is occurring in your school. Staff can also effortlessly identify student misconceptions and/or gaps in knowledge or curriculum delivery. Because the software does all the hard work of compiling and analysing the data, your staff can have deeper conversations around what the data is saying about your curriculum program and implications for teaching.

Some of the tests SPAstandard can analyse. This list of constantly growing.

  • Teacher Judgments
  • PAT Reading – Early Years
  • PAT Reading
  • PAT-R Vocabulary
  • PAT-Spelling
  • PAT Punctuation & Grammar
  • Single Word Spelling Test
  • South Australian Spelling Test
  • PAT Maths – Early Years
  • PAT Maths
  • PAT Science
  • On Demand
  • Running records
  • Observation Survey
  • Early Years Numeracy Interview
  • VCE
  • Essential Assessments
  • Magic Words
  • Andrell Education VCOP/BigWrite

As Simple As

  1. Collect Data
  2. Upload
  3. Analyse
  4. Improve

Student Testing Analysis


SPAstandard produces colour coded graphs and tables that enable you to easily identify individual students working well below, above & at expected curriculum levels for all tests allowing your staff to pinpoint and target students' learning needs. We colour-code your scores against the state and/or national average and against curriculum standards to give you an understanding of where your students sit.

Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

SPAstandard uses your accumulated data to produce line graphs and tables that illustrate patterns or trends in your school's typical performance.

Growth Analysis

Growth Scatter Plots

For all tests SPAstandard matches cohorts of students together to produce data tables and graphs that enable you to view how much value your teachers are typically adding between tests. Compare within and between year results to monitor student growth.