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Important Announcement:
The Old Silverlight Version is shutting down

The new version of SPAstandard & SPAtracker is now on the SPAplatform

Your schools account has already been moved to the SPAplatform versions, please use the new SPAplatform login or contact us if you don't have a login yet
Login to the new version

SPAstandard no longer working in Google Chrome or Firefox (officially, see workaround below)

Unfortunately as of version 45 of Chrome & version 52 of Firefox, silverlight is no longer officially supported.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a Windows user you can continue to login to SPAstandard using Internet Explorer. If you are a Mac users you can continue to use Safari.

Alternative Option

For both Windows and Mac user you can download what's known as the Extended Support Release or ESR of Firefox (see download link below).

What is SREAMS doing to solve this in the long term?

We have already released the new version of SPAstandard on the SPAplatform (the same platform that SPAmarkbook & SPAreporter live). If you have not already swapped to the new version please contact us to get started.

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