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SPAmanager is a complete school and student management tool.

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Digital School Management

SPAmanager is a complete school management tool that has been designed to organise all day to day operations from management, to teachers, to students and even parents.

SPAmanager school management

Teachers can login and view:

  • The daily bulletin
  • Staff absences
  • CRT replacements and extra’s for the day
  • and other important relevant daily information

SPAmanager student management

For student the SPAmanager will include:

  • Absentee management
  • Excursion management
  • Incident tracking
  • Health and welfare management
  • Individual learning plan management
  • Individual student timetables
  • and more...

SPAmanager parent management

SPAmanager module will enable parents to:

  • Receive newsletters
  • Receive SMS notifications about absent students
  • Digitally notifiy the school of absences
  • Digitally return excursion permissions
  • Digitally book parent teacher interviews
  • and more...
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